Who, What and Why?

Who, What and Why?

Today is the day that Slice of Ciara goes public. So to start us off, here is a little background on me, what Slice of Ciara is and why I created it?

Who? Ciara Geraghty on her Graduation day in the Quad in NUIG.

My name is Ciara Geraghty. I am 24 years old, the oldest of three girls and I am living in the beautiful city of Galway. After school in Annaghdown and Headford, I went on to complete my undergrad in Business Studies specialising in Marketing in GMIT and my postgrad in Digital Marketing in NUIG. Now, I work as a digital marketer and event coordinator for Proactive Design and Marketing and RunIreland.com. As well as my work for Proactive and RunIreland,com, I also do a little bit of guest speaking and lecturing in Digital Marketing.

3 random facts about me are:

  1. I am a trained lifeguard
  2. I’ve been in the Smyths Toys Catalogue (and no, I will not say what year)
  3. I am deeply obsessed with everything Disney

That is pretty much me in a nutshell.:)


I plan for Slice of Ciara to be somewhere where I can write about all the things I find interesting, from travel guides to beauty products to digital marketing tips and everything in between. I would love for this to become a hub where like-minding people could share tips and experiences but for the moment, I’m happy out writing my articles and messing around with images.


There were a few motivations for setting this website up. One, as I explain more on my ‘about’ page, is that I was inspired by a podcast I listen too. The other, as weird as this sounds, is that this is a hobby for me. A big part of my job as a digital marketer is creating content for businesses, posting it on their website and social media accounts and checking the analytics. I really really enjoy doing this. So much so that I have so many ideas for social posts and content pieces but they aren’t always suitable for the accounts I look after, Therefore, I wanted to set up a little corner of the world where I could do my own thing under my own name.

The same way some people love playing Xbox or painting or reading in their spare time, I love editing photos, creating captions and posting on social media. This site and the social media accounts associated with it are a creative outlet for me.

So over time, I’ll be posting about beauty, travel, digital marketing, food and much more. If you think you might be interested in seeing where this goes, I would love if you checked out my Instagram account, @sliceoficiara and gave me a follow.

I’m excited and nervous but it’s all good,
Ciara x


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