Everything I Wore in Las Vegas

Everything I Wore in Las Vegas

One of the most stressful things about going to Vegas wasn’t how much to budget or trying to make our connecting flights but WHAT TO WEAR! I tried looking for so many blogs/vlogs of what to pack and couldn’t find anything of much use. So, here is a list of everything I wore in Vegas plus links (where I can) and my recommendations on what to bring and what to leave at home. I hope it’s of some use. 🙂

The Grand Canyon

Getting to the Grand Canyon involves getting a bus and a plane so I wanted to make sure I was super comfortable. The plane can get cold so I would definitely recommend bringing a light jumper.

Black Denim Cycling Shorts
Barbie Bodysuit

Dinner & Show

We treated ourselves to a girly night out in Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen and to see the show Absinthe. Seeing as this was dinner and a show I wanted to wear something a little more classy. I opted for a heel that would look like a strappy stiletto from the front but was actually a low (ish) block heel. These looked great and were super comfortable.

Green Dress

Wet Republic Pool Party

Swimwear is an obvious one here. For the girls, you need to wear a cover-up so make sure to get a nice kimono or something to put over your swimming gear. I opted for a swimsuit instead of a bikini but it didn’t really matter. Go with whatever you are most comfortable in. I would say to wear heels. You only have them on for the walk down anyway so it’s just nice to have them on for a few pics and then they are thrown to the side. A hat and sunglasses were a must for me to keep the blistering Vegas sun at bay.

Swimsuit (Pennys)
Kimono (Pennys)
Hat (Pennys)

Exploring Vegas

The Vegas heat – WOW! You definitely would want something that is comfortable and breathable. Although saying that, some places are so well airconditioned that they can actually get a little chilly so if you can bring something light to throw on too. There are lots of photo ops everywhere so always make sure you’re ready for a picture. There is a lot of walking involved so wear comfy shoes too.


Dinner & Club

I didn’t get any solo pictures this night but below is a picture of the dress I wore. This was a few days into the holiday so I knew I would be bloated. I wanted something that would look good but wouldn’t be figure hugging.

This night we went for dinner, party bus and to Calvin Harris. I wore heels to the dinner and to be honest, it was such a walk to the restaurant and in so much heat that by the time I got there my feet were so sore and swollen and I WAS NOT letting anything ruin Calvin Harris for me. So I decided to get a taxi back to the hotel and change into flats. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. I had such a comfortable night and could run around the club like there was no tomorrow.


Bonus Outfit

Although I bought this dress for my Vegas trip I ended up not wearing it until I went to Lisbon. But I think it was really cute and could be dressed up or down so I said I’d throw it into the mix.

Black Polka Dot Dress

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