Everything you need to know about Sziget

Everything you need to know about Sziget

Where is Sziget on?

Budapest in Hungary. The festival takes place on Hajógyári Island which is in the Danube river.

How do you check in at Sziget?

You need your ticket and I.D. or passport to get checked in for the music festival.

How do you get to the festival?

We were stayed in Budapest city and has the Sziget travel pass which gave us unlimited access to public transport. We got a bus or train to near the festival and then walked in over the bridge. Very cool. If you have time I would definitely look into getting a boat party to the festival too.

What is the food like at the festival?

Really good. There is literally every sort of food in there. No matter what your diet is there is something for everyone.

Can you bring a backpack into the festival?

Yes, you can but it will be searched on the way into the festival.

Can you bring water into the festival?

You sure can. You can bring 2.5L per person into the festival.

Can you bring alcohol into the festival?

Like any music festival or concert, you are not permitted to bring alcohol onto the premises. But sure when did that stop anyone? Like any music concert or festival, it depends on which security guard you get. Some days they were very strict and other days they weren’t. As far as I remember they used a metal detector to search you instead of doing a body search so if you can hide it on your body and there is no metal then you might get away with it. Or else sneak it in a pringles box. 😉 You have to be prepared that it will be taken off you though.

Is there enough time to see Budapest and Sziget on the festival days?

This depends on your conditions. When I went to Sziget I got a 3-day ticket and then I had one day to explore Budapest. I knew this wouldn’t be enough time to see all of Budapest so we did a bit of exploring each morning and headed into the festival around lunchtime. If you have more time wither side of the festival to go exploring Budapest then I wouldn’t bother on the festival days. There is so so much to see at the festival and such a cool atmosphere. If I were going again I would definitely spend more time in the festival soaking up the atmosphere.

What else is there to do at the festival other than the music acts?

There is literally so much to do in the music festival. There are loads of different hang out areas, food stalls, shops, beauty parlours and photo ops. There are good acts aside from the music acts too such as trapeze, dancing and yoga and pilates. I would suggest doing as much as you can. You may as well when you’re there.

For the girls there are stalls where you can get your hair braided, face painted, makeup done, glitter art, henna and so much more.

Does the festival have merch?

It does. The festival actually has some really cool bits in their merch store. There are also stores where you can buy the artist’s tour merch (instead of the Sziget stuff)


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