Taboo Around Bloggers?

Why is there such a “who do they think they are attitude” around Bloggers?

Too often I hear statements like “She probably only has like 10 followers…?”

So what?

So what if that person does only have 10 followers? Let me tell you this, you won’t grow a following by acting like you don’t deserve one.

Years ago when I thought I wanted to be a sound technician, I did work experience in Galway Bay FM. During which I spent a bit of time with Jon Richards. He grabbed the microphone and asked me what it was? Seriously? I paused to see if he was actually waiting for an answer. It turns out he was.
So I replied, “ehhh, a microphone?” DUH!
He said “no!?”.

He carried on to tell me it was a person. If you spoke to the microphone as if it were a microphone you wouldn’t gain a radio listening. If you treat the microphone like it’s a person – ask it questions, engage in conversation, that is when the listeners will come from.

This always stuck with me because I believe it translates to anything you do in life. In this particular instance, blogging. If a beginner blogger spoke to their little audience as if there was no audience then they would never build one.

That person, 10 followers, 100 followers, or 10,000 followers, is happy doing their thing so let them. And while you’re at it, be happy doing your own thing. Life is too short to care about anyone else other than yourself and those who truly matter to you.

It turns out the blogger in question actually had 11.9k followers last time I checked.

So stop judging bloggers. They’re happy. They’re following is happy. So if they are not making you happy, unfollow them and ‘live and let live.’


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