My Curly Hair Journey – Feb/Mar Update

Hello people who are interested in curly hair!

Here is my February and March update rolled into one. Partially because February was a short month and partially because I was very fed up and annoyed with my hair in February and didn’t want to write about it but hey, we are on good terms again now so please do read all about it below. 🙂

The February Low-down

I didn’t change too much in February. My products and method stayed pretty much the same as in the first update which to remind you is:

February was a frustrating month. I found my hair wasn’t cooperating. It seemed to get flatter and flatter instead of curlier and towards the end of the month, my roots were getting very gunky. I was trying my best to be patient and trust the process but in the end, I gave up and used a Tresemme shampoo to wash my hair because it just felt like it needed a really good, sudsy scrub. Ergo, I learned about clarifying. I jumped straight back into the Innersence products after that and my hair felt so much better and got curlier again. I learned from this to listen to my hair and to not beat myself up if I don’t follow the strict parameters I have laid out for myself.

The March Low-down

Again, not a lot changed here either. My scalp and hair felt good but the curl was still a little limp. I tried reading up on the protein/moisture balance and although I still don’t fully understand it I was wondering was my hair getting a little too moisturised? So I switched my conditioner to the Innsersence Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner. First of all, this conditioner smells class. My curl did get a new lease of life but it’s still not there. I think I am just in desperate need of a haircut!

I am still using the same gel and method as mentioned in my first update. 

Things I tried from my January ‘Things I think I need to get/try’ list

  • Root clips – Got these and they are a lifesaver. Not only for root clipping but for styling in general too
  • Root Massager – I got the Denman one from boots. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s more like a tangle teezer than a root massager

Things I think I need to get/try

  • Decent heat protector
  • Better Root massager
  • Better quality satin/silk pillowcase
  • Tangle Teezer

My thoughts

Wavy hair with no curl















As I said in January, it’s a process but I am in it for the long haul. The past two months have been testing so let’s hope April sees more improvement. 🙂

Until May,
Ciara x


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