Sustainable Brands List

Sustainable Brands List

Sustainable fashion is something that is near and dear to my heart. I am no pro at it but I try to do my best. I believe that many of us doing a bit is more sustainable in itself than a few of us doing a lot. So, with that in mind, consider shopping from some of the sustainable brands listed below this Christmas.


Tala is all about ‘slow fashion and sustainable style’. What started out as an activewear line has now branched out to include very cute and minimalistic items that could bring you from day to night. TALA use regenerated raw materials and plastic rescued from the ocean to make their line which is made in audited factories in Portugal, Turkey and Morocco. With seeds in the plantable labels, it’s clear that sustainability is at the core of this brand.


Veja is committed to making a difference. Using organic cotton, natural rubber, traceable leather and upcycled materials such as plastic bottles, sustainability is in every step of the process for their sneakers. They offer a Vegan line too!

Buy locally from Brown Thomas

Baile Clothing (Irish)

Baile meaning ‘home’ in Irish is certainly looking after their home. Their jumpers are made from locally sourced organic materials, their packaging is all 100% recyclable and like Tala, you can plant the labels to grow yourself a beautiful plant. And did I mention they’re Irish?

Grown (Irish)

Grown use organic cotton, hemp and recycles fibres to create clothing that doesn’t cost the earth. “GROWN are deeply involved in changing ocean awareness in order to make people aware of the role the ocean plays in all our lives and the role our lives are playing in destroying it.”

Brands with ‘conscious’ lines

While sustainability isn’t at the core of the following brands just yet, I appreciate they are making a start by offering vegan lines or ‘conscious’ lines. Personally, I see this as a start and as I mentioned above, lots of us doing a little is more sustainable (IMO) than a few of us doing a lot. So I support brands that are starting to move towards a more sustainable future.

Dr Martens Vegan Line

H&M Conscious

Sustainable Pet Gifts

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