5 Instagram Hacks You Need to Know

Having a basic looking Instagram account simple won’t do. Take a look at these hacks which will up your Insta-game 100%.

1. How to add spaces into your caption

The easiest way to format your Instagram posts on your phone is not within the Instagram app but in the Notes app on your phone. Simply write your caption as you would like it to appear in Notes and then copy and paste it to Instagram.

Make sure there are no invisible spaces in your caption. For example, when you finish your sentence, perhaps with a full stop, DO NOT hit the space button. Instead, hit ‘enter’ or ‘return’ and then add the invisible space.

If you are using a desktop to post to Instagram, consider using a service like Planoly. You can post and schedule posts AND create line breaks.

2. Create a custom location on Instagram

Research has shown that Instagram posts that include a location see a much higher engagement rate. Therefore, I recommend using them as much as possible. This can be hard when there isn’t always the correct location to use so create your own.

How to add a custom location to Instagram:

  1. Open Facebook on your phone.
  2. Click ‘check in’
  3. Make sure your location services are on for Facebook.
  4. Type your desired location into the ‘where are you?’ box.
  5. Tap the ‘add’ button that appears.
  6. Add the most relevant category to your new location. Choose the category that best matches your industry to give you a boost in search results.
  7. Enter your city and address and tap ‘create’.

Once all of this is done, Facebook will open a new window where you can check in using your new location. You have to post at least once on Facebook before it can be used on Instagram.

If your new location isn’t appearing on Facebook it might be due to the fact that you haven’t used it enough times in the past of you’re too far from where you made the custom location. Keep in mind that it may take 24 hours for it to become active.

3. How to centre your Instagram bio

There are loads of ways to make your Instagram bio stand out. One of them is to centre it. To centre your bio you’ll have to copy the space between these arrows (make sure to not include the arrows) and head over to Instagram on your desktop.


Click the ‘edit your profile’ button and go to bio. Paste the spaces you copied before each line of text and add or delete as necessary until you are happy with the look.

NOTE: Remember there is a 160 character limit for Instagram. The centred look may use up a lot of these characters so you will have to keep it short and it doesn’t always translate well on the desktop version.

If you want to add line breaks into your bio instead of centring, just click enter or return where you want the break on the desktop version of Instagram. It won’t work on a mobile version.

4. Embed your Instagram posts on your website

Did you know you can embed your posts to your website? This allows people who visit your website or blog to click on the embedded post and visit your Instagram page. And it goes without saying, the more traffic you get to your page the more followers you are going to attract.

Embedding your posts to your blog can help extend the lifespan of them too. This means you are actively driving engagement on the post even weeks after posting.

How to embed your Instagram posts on WordPress:

  1. Open the Instagram on your desktop and navigate to the post you want to embed
  2. Tap the ellipsis button in the bottom right corner (next to “Add a comment…”) and then select “Embed”
  3. You can choose to include the caption or not by selecting or deselecting the “Include caption” button, and then select “Copy Embed Code”
  4. Create a blog post on WordPress and select the “Text” option to edit the HTML.
  5. Paste the embed code.

5. Use Planoly

I know I mentioned it in point #1 but it really has made my life so much easier using Planoly. There is a desktop and app version so you can use it on the desktop and phone. You can schedule posts that will auto post (if it’s a picture) or send you a reminder to post (if it’s a video or multi-picture post).

Using Planoly allows you to preplan your posts and see what your feed will look like when they are posted. If you are OCD about the aesthetics of your feed this can be really handy.

It also gives decent insights into your engagement and following growth and suggests what are the best times for you to be posting.

Plus, this is all just the free version. If you get a paid plan you unlock even more benefits.


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